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2016-04-07 15:52:45 by DoodleKev


I've heard great stories of animators/artists alike getting great feedback from others. How is the art community these days? I've heard different opinions about sites like Deviant Art, but what about Newgrounds these days? Likes/thumbs up are cool, but good, constructive feedback is necessary. So far no comments. Some views and some ratings. I probably need to become more active here. Is it more of a 'get what you give' kind of deal here on Newgrounds?

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2016-04-07 20:26:46

There are ALOT of submissions in the unscouted area and in the main art portal daily, so the lack of comments and stars on your piece isn't your fault. So getting noticed is gonna be...tricky. So there are the Art forums which help other people see your progress and get noticed. As for the community...we still have cool, grimy, throat cutting, end-your-life, fearless artist who still roam these streets from time to time. Alot of up and comers. Alot of trolls. Alot of assholes. Alot of bastards, scoundrels and thiefs. Good luck.