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Posted by DoodleKev - March 9th, 2017



Thanks to the select individuals who've liked my junk. My art junk. Meant nothing else by that. 

Anyway, do you have an instagram? Because you'll get some keeno nifty stuff there. My dot art takes an age to finish so this page won't get too much love. Only once something is inked and touched up does it go up here. 

Check out Doodlekev on instagram and send me likes and hearts. I need these hearts to complete my Aztec sun rituals. 


Toodles from Doodles,


Posted by DoodleKev - September 10th, 2016

Hola. I haven't posted anything here in a while. I've got an 11x17 piece I've been wanting to share, but haven't scanned yet. I'm almost done with a second piece of the same size, as well as working on a smaller illustration that I'll be submitting to possibly be featured in a creepy children's book called "KINDERGARTEN: TRAGIC STORIES BY SHAWN COSS". Shawn Coss is an awesome artist who is also a background artist for the CYANIDE & HAPPINESS SHOW. He also designs some of their merchandise! 

It's much easier to share progress shots and final products on my instagram: DOODLEKEV. Also, I have a snapchat under that same name. So if you're interested, go take a gander! Hope to see some new followers.



Posted by DoodleKev - April 7th, 2016


I've heard great stories of animators/artists alike getting great feedback from others. How is the art community these days? I've heard different opinions about sites like Deviant Art, but what about Newgrounds these days? Likes/thumbs up are cool, but good, constructive feedback is necessary. So far no comments. Some views and some ratings. I probably need to become more active here. Is it more of a 'get what you give' kind of deal here on Newgrounds?

Keep in touch.


Posted by DoodleKev - March 24th, 2016

This is Kevin. 

You're going to see fan art. You're going to see original stuff. I use fan art as kind of an exercise to hone my skills as an artist. I enjoy going to Kinkos and printing out stuff I've drawn and pretend that I have prints up for grabs. Looking for better quality printers but the ones I've got seem to be pretty cool for now. If you've found that my art tickles your fancy and you'd like to inquire me about commissions, e-mail is the best way to reach me.

Newgrounds presents a unique way to display your art without the fear of corporate greed taking over the site. I'm glad to have joined.

More to come.